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Vitaldent Exclusive Packages

Vitaldent Child Plan (from Birth to 6 years of age)

This plan is applicable ideally for all children right from birth. In this plan a customized protocol is designed for your baby to protect him/her against dental cavities. This plan involves regular visits to the dental clinic (4 to 6 visits a year).

To buy Vitaldent Child Plan: Rs 1200 ~ 1500/- Per year



Preexisting disease treatment is not covered.

For more details contact us at our clinic

Vitaldent Child plan 2† (For children between 6 to 9 years)

In this plan the child is covered for prevention of:

  1. Dental cavities
  2. Crooked teeth

This plan also entails regular visits (6 to 8 visits a year) to help prevent both dental caries and crooked teeth. The facial growth of the child is constantly monitored and individualized treatment plans are designed depending on the requirements of every child patient to ensure normal growth of jawbones and proper alignment of teeth along with preventing cavities.

To buy Vitaldent Child plan 2: Rs 8,000 ~ 12,000/- (Total package for 3)

Advantages of Vitaldent Child plan 2.

  • Early identification and correction of harmful oral habits such as mouth breathing, faulty swallowing, thumb sucking etc helping the child to grow normally.
  • Early correction means the children grow into very pleasant personalities.
  • This plan helps the child to develop habit to be dental disease free for his/her whole life.
  • 25% discount on Vitaldent membership Club Fee for the subsequent year after expiry of this plan.

Disadvantage of both above plans.

  • The only disadvantage of this plan is that it requires more than 100% cooperation of the parent and the child patient for timely visits to our dental office. Although every procedure under both these plans is 100% pain free, sticking to regular appointments is the key for success of this plan

Specific terms and conditions for both these plans will be explained by our counselling team before registration.

Frequently asked questions

Q 1. Milk teeth are temporary in nature, why should they be protected?
Healthy milk teeth are the best way of ensuring healthy permanent teeth. Any disease of milk teeth increases the risk of disease in permanent teeth.

Also, Once a patient will always be a patient

Hence "Prevention is better than cure

Q 2. Who is the right candidate for these plans?

If your child is 7 / 8 / 9 years old, keeps his mouth open in sleep, while watching television, playing video games etc., then your child is very likely to develop crooked forwardly placed teeth with associated jaw bone problems.

It is very easy to correct these problems at the growing stage itself and this plan precisely does that. However conventionally the approach of most dentists has been different.

An early start either to prevent / stop the problem of crooked teeth through the Vitaldent Child Plan concept therefore is ideal.

Vitaldent Adult plan/ Membership club† (From 10 years onwards)

In this plan the patient becomes member of Vitaldent Club† by paying Rs 600/year per individual. The benefits to the memberís are-

  1. Two Free dental check up worth Rs 200/-
  2. Free single sitting cleaning of teeth worth Rs 500/-
  3. 20% discount on all the dental treatments within that year.
  4. 25% discount in the renewal fee for the subsequent year.

For More Details Please Contact Us